Thursday, October 17, 2019

International Nutrition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International Nutrition - Essay Example There are a number of factors that lead to either a high or low entry of international companies in a country. First, a heavy tax system that is highly regulated is one of these factors. While many people hold the belief that strict tax laws require a review to allow for foreign investors, others argue that they are adequate to cater for the needs of the citizens of the state as well as protect the local companies. The reality is, however, not true. Because of strict laws in many countries, many companies find it difficult to start up business in these countries. However, the market is open to allow competition to take place. Trading in a free and fair market, International Nutrition Company enjoys the laws of competition. Its products perform well in such regions due to their high quality. Although priced higher than some of the local commodities, the market still highly regards quality feeds from International Nutrition. The reduction in the level of market regulations and internat ional tariffs by countries is a result of globalization. This has also contributed to the decrease in the level of market control. As countries increase the level of doing business with one another, the result is open markets free to compete with one another. For healthy competition to take place, many governments allow their markets to operate freely, offering companies freedom of entry into and exit from the country. This allows both local and international investors to battle out in the market arena with the products or services being the top of their priorities. In most countries in the African continent, regulation takes place at one level, i.e., the national government. Africa provides a number of fast growing markets for any company to invest in, and especially agricultural companies such as International Nutrition. In Africa, emerging markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa offer a great opportunity for the company to exploit. Countries such as Zimbabwe, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya act as an investment destiny in Sub-Saharan Africa. In West Africa, countries such as Ghana and Nigeria are an example of the markets where the company has business and records increased growth. Nigeria relies mostly on its oil, while Ghana highly relies on agriculture. Increasingly though, the Nigerian government has encouraged

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