Wednesday, May 6, 2020

W.S.Q Framework Development and Assessments

Question: Discuss about theW.S.Q Framework for Development and Assessments. Answer: The W.S.Q Framework and the VUCA Environment Workforce skills qualification (W.S.Q) is a set up organized and accredited by Singapore workforce development agency to offer continuous training, development, and assessments. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a sample organization that incorporates the framework by W.S.Q and the VUCA principles in the manner by which it handles its employees. This task force ensures employees have employable skills and enhance their job tenure by having qualities that are appropriate to their job requirements.This system is organized to offer individuals a chance to slowly upgrade their skills according to at their conveniences and at their pace of learning (Force 2009). KFC adheres to this arrangement so as to reduce the interruptions at its work environment. These principles are best described using the VUCA environment which entails; V Volatility this is the state of being prone to changes in a non-predictable manner. This unpredictable changes in business get triggered by trade liberation, the introduction of advanced technology in business operations and globalization. Like any other business organization, KFC also faces the challenge of immediate and unpredictable changes in the economy. U- Uncertainty according to (Toner, P., 2011), it is where events happen in a chaotic and unpredictable manner. A likely event under uncertainty may include the emergence of a new competitor in the market. KFC also faces uncertainty in its work environment since the situation brings about the difficulty in making decisions. Allocation of resources become tight since the organizations past data gets treated as unreliable and no forecast gets projected based on it. C- Complexity this is where problems facing the business become increasingly ill-mannered and have more than one valid solution. The situation currently on hand has many different joined parts some of which are predictable, and others are unpredictable. KFC faces this challenge because it is a business with many branches operating in many regions around the country with the different regulatory environment and cultural values. These areas tend to have different responses to the organization products based on their beliefs and values. A-Ambiguity Toner (2011) describes ambiguity as for the emergence of two distinct conflicting thoughts when deciding about event outcomes or decision. This thoughts bring in a difficulty in answering questions such as when where what who and how. These events bring difficulty in determining the relevance and accuracy of the proposed answers. Ambiguity is likely to occur at KFC when it makes a decision to enter an entirely new market which it has no knowledge about, this is because it has no prior knowledge of how well the factors in the environment will affect it or how customers and other stakeholders will react to the business products. Conclusion Although VUCA offers a non-pleasant environment, the solution is to fully engage the WSQ framework in every organization in Singapore since it helps cope with this challenges much quickly. The WSQ framework is an essential tool in preparing workers through training and also mentoring them by providing additional skill previously not acquired but relevant to the job. This preparation helps them cope with challenges in the organization. This training is essential because the success of any organization entirely depends on the type of human resource it owns. References Casner-Lotto, J., and Barrington, L., 2006.Are They Ready to Work? Employers' Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century US Workforce. Partnership for 21st Century Skills. 1 Massachusetts Avenue NW Suite700, Washington, DC 20001. Force, S.W.T., 2009. Building a safe, confident future.The final report of the social work taskforce. Toner, P., 2011. Workforce skills and innovation.

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