Saturday, April 13, 2019

Anansi Boys essay Essay Example for Free

Anansi Boys essay EssaySpider (from Anansi Boys) was exposit Charlies brother, his father was a utterer and always made fun and got in trouble. Loki (from Mythology) was not a god but the son of a giant, he always involved himself in many things. Spider and Loki seemed very similar in a couple of ways. One way that Loki and Spider compare is that wherever they are something bad happens. While describing Loki in the mythology book the author says, Wherever he came trouble followed. This shows that Loki can bring ill-luck. Spider came into Fat Charlies life and brought ill-luck to him. Another way that Loki and Spider compare is that they get involved in others lives.When Spider came into Fat Charlies life, Spider took his job, Fiance, he was always in Fat Charlies spot, but, Fat Charlie lived with it only because he was his brother. Loki always got involved in the gods difficulties and dangers, even when doing that he was still allowed to come freely to Asgard, he came because he had sworn brotherhood. The final way that they compare was the way that they were punished. In the mythology book Loki was interpreted to a qabalistic cavern and had venom poured over him and he was in agony, and intense pain, his wife helped him.In Anansi Boys Spider was taken to another world where the tiger tied him up and kept him there. Spiders tongue got distinguish off which also was the cause for agony and pain. Fat Charlie saved him from the tiger. Loki and Spider have many similarities and small(a) differences. They tend to bring disturbance to the others around them, but they have people to care about them.

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