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Nuclear Power- Should it be Banned?

thermo atomic Power- Should it be outlaw?The title question of my subject study is Should Nuclear Power be Banned?. I vomit on chosen this question as I think it is a key coveringic at this demo moment in life, with a roundabout of information about it in the media, such as on the news and in the papers each day. Also it is notwithstanding aboutthing that bequeath affect the life in which we snuff it in the future. So because of these reasons it is something that population need to be aware of and need to actu altogethery understand what atomic office is and how it is affecting us or is going to affect us in the years to come. wholeness major problem that could occur with nuclear military force is that there is always the risk that there could be a leakage of radioactive fluids, which will come a massive tint on the milieu and its surroundings. These radioactive fluids that may leak from the power stations place cause fuelcers and very harmful illnesses in huma ns. So for this reason peck will believe that yes, nuclear power should be banned, especi all toldy those people living around or near a nuclear power station, or those that shoot block relatives that may be affected if something like this were to happen.A reason against banning Nuclear power is that it provides a lot of our nothing sources, and privy be used to generate electricity and to power ships, so thusly we need nuclear power to continue doing these things, and if we were to get rid of it then we would only(prenominal) necessitate to bushel to finding an different way of providing this heartiness, which is only going to cost level(p) more money, on top of what wed already be paying to get rid of the nuclear power plants that exist at this moment in age.. Without the use of the ships that are powered by the nuclear power, we would have a lot of difficulty in transporting goods such as food and material from one place to another.It is in the Nuclear fission where the Uranium is used, this starts off the fulfill for nuclear power to be generated. Nuclear fission is the process of atoms splitting, so when a heavy nucleus such as Uranium splits into two smaller, lighter nuclei. In this reaction, the strong nuclear force which is the attractive force, is acting on the electrostatic force which is the repulsive force, these can be knocked out of balance on each other when they gain the energy from either a photon or a neutron. The two forces are affected by the gain of this other element and will try to act on each other to regain the state in which they were in, moreover in nuclear fission the electrostatic force will gain more power than the nuclear force, consequently causing it to repel and for the nucleus to split apart, also releasing energy as it does so.To make this around easier to understand, imagine a load of marbles in a rough circle shape on a flat tabletop (this is going to be representing the original atoms nucleus, where all t he forcing are acting the same on one another and are equal, so all the marbles/atoms are stable). What if I were to then forward or roll another marble into this group of stable marbles? All the marbles would hand out apart and move out into the space around them, this marble that is being rolled into them is acting as the photon or neutron that is being gained in the nucleus. This is unbalancing the forces and causing the atoms to all move around as they react to the replace that is taking place, but seeing as all the marbles move out, and away from each other shows to us that the repelling force has gained more control, as the attractive force wasnt able to keep them all together, and this is exactly what happens in nuclear fission.Saying that, although there isnt much waste being produced, that that is produced is extremely dodgy and would have to be stored, sealed up and buried for thousands of years to allow the radioactivity to die away. During this time it has to be kept far away from any potential natural disasters such as Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and terrorist attacks. This can be very difficult at times.The worlds worst nuclear accident occurred after(prenominal) an explosion and fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It released beam of light over much of Europe. Thirty-one people died in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Hundreds of thousands of residents were moved from the area and a similar number are believed to have suffered from the effects of radiation exposure.As you can see already from this 31 innocent people died from a nuclear power accident, thats hundreds of people left without a family member, and what if this was to happen again, but this time it could be even worse, and possibly even more people fine-tuneed. Also from this event, thousands and thousands of people were once again exposed to the radiation which can cause cancerous cells in our bodies, which could lead to a number of deaths years d own the line, all from this one accident that happened because of nuclear power.-This website is a university website, which is very factual and all its loony toonss appear to be pellucid and true, also the fact that its scientists writing the points and information only gives us more reason to believe its true and reliable.Many risks are taken when using nuclear power, there is always the risk of a nuclear meltdown occurring, or even a leakage of radioactive waste. There is also a risk to the workers rubber eraser and well-being as storing waste from nuclear reactors can be a problem in some cases. A nuclear meltdown is when the cooling systems fail, and the nuclear reactors reach such a temperature that they melt keen through the reactor or damage the reactor wall. With this melting, then allows the spread of radioactivity, which as before can cause great damage in the human body. There is also the chance of contamination inside the environment if there was to be a leakage of radioactive waste in that area. Radioactive waste, if gotten into the workers at a nuclear power plant, can also poison them, which furthermore, would take their life.Against Nuclear Power outlawOn the other hand, there are also many reasons as to why people believe that nuclear power shouldnt be banned, some of which are listed belowNuclear power generation does sling relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). The emissions of green house gases and so the contribution of nuclear power plants to globular warming is therefore relatively little.This technology is readily available it does not have to be developed first.It is possible to generate a high amount of electrical energy in one star plant.-I think that this is a reliable website to get information from as it is based on the pros and cons of nuclear power, and what demand to be done to make a change, and what needs to stay the same. It cannot be edited or changed by anyone other than the creators, and the creators are have done a lot of research to make the website to the high threadbare of what it is now.In 2005, approximately 6.3% of the earths energy supply relied on nuclear power, and gradually over the years, this has increased slightly to 14% in 2009. It also provided 15% of the worlds electricity in 2005 and again in 2009. If we were to ban nuclear power then there would have to be other ways in which this supply of electricity was formed, and therefore more money is going to have to be spent out in aim for this supply of electricity.As you can see from the statements above, it clearly states that nuclear power can generate a lot of electrical energy in just one single plant, and with there being 440 plants crosswise the world this would cost an awful lot of money to get rid of and then replace the energy and electricity in which it supplies us with.Nuclear power also provides for ships and submarines, which we need to transport food and goods from soil to country, without these s hips we would have to find another way of transporting the items, say if we were to use a plane for example, then this would only be adding to global warming which is another issue known world-wide.-I believe this graph to be a reliable source of evidence as it is from a website specifically focused on the use of nuclear power all over the world, in various different countries. Also it is not biased in any way, and it completely based on facts and figures rather than opinions, so therefore this is a reliable constituent of information to be used in this case study.As you can see from the graph above, most of the large MEDC (More Economically Developed) countries reply on nuclear power as a source of energy and electricity. Although there are other ways of them getting their energy supply, with the loss of nuclear power, they would only have to increase one or more of their other supplies in order to make up for what they have lost from the lack of nuclear power.ConclusionSHOULD NUC LEAR POWER BE BANNED?Taking into government note both sides of the argument, we can see that there are many reasons for nuclear power being banned, just as well as reasons for nuclear power to not be banned. The main reason that people believe nuclear power should be banned is that there is always the risk of a fall of nuclear gases, or a leak in the power stations, which would have a great impact on humans health. The main reason as too why nuclear power shouldnt be banned is that it provides a huge amount of the worlds energy and electricity source.As you can see from the for and against arguments on the previous pages, I think that overall the benefit of nuclear power outweighs the risk so therefore nuclear power SHOULDNT be banned, and I think this becauseto get rid of all the nuclear power stations over the world would cost an awful lot of money for the governments and thats money that could be put to a better use elsewhere. Also after paying out to get rid of the nuclear pow er plants throughout the earth, we would then also have to pay for other methods of providing the electricity and energy resources that these plants provided, it would be easier and more efficient to just spend the money into finding more ways in which we can prevent a leakage at a power plant and how we would handle such a situation, if another one were to occur. Nuclear power plays too big a role in free-and-easy life, we just take it for granted and dont actually realise how much we do rely on it.Furthermore, as for the number of deaths that have occurred from nuclear power accidents there are so many things nowadays that could kill people, we just try not to look at them in that way, for instance there could be a massive pile-up on a motorway and kill a numerous amount of drivers, passengers and general citizens, but that doesnt mean that people are going to stop driving does it? So why should nuclear power be banned because of the risk of there being a fault that could cause d eaths among humans? The workers in nuclear power plants, are fully aware of the risks they take every day and the risks of the radiation, but condom measures are in place to protect these workers from getting harmed, and they are trained of what to do in the case of emergency, so therefore its entirely down to them to do the job or not, at no point are they being forced to work under such conditions that are putting themselves at risk.

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