Friday, May 10, 2019

Microelectronics Writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Microelectronics Writing - Assignment ExampleIts main purpose, in fact, does not dissent much from the old television cameras that actually apply strikes instead of digital file computer memory media. The said media bed either be a digital memory card or an internal storage that is implicit in(p) to the camera. Just like the old cameras, it is meant for capturing moments in pictures. One major innovation that is made possible with the use of microelectronics though, is that a digital camera could also shoot videos. The old analog ones pass on a functionality that is hold in in taking only still pictures. The first digital camera model that was produced and sold in the market was the Dycam Model 1. It was sold only for a truly short period, from 1990 until 1991. (Raskin) In order to discover the pictures taken and to print these in black and white, this camera had to be connected to a computer. This was soon followed by a colossal line of digital camera models from Kodak a nd Nikon. With the introduction of JPEG and MPEG formats for still pictures and videos respectively, further developments in the digital camera were made. Nowadays, many digital cameras render more powerful lenses and better picture resolutions. More importantly, these have become much easier to operate. As the features and capabilities began to improve, these twirls have also become more in demand. Only very few photographers have, in fact, continued to rely on the analog cameras. When a digital camera takes a picture, light is allowed to strike a digital sensing element array instead of a piece of film in the case of an analog one. (Digital Darrel) This digital sensor is actually made of pixels, which are arrays of tiny sensor points. The image taken are then stored as millions of dots of lights or megapixels. The resolution of the picture or its raciness depends on the amount of megapixels that the digital camera is capable of. The bigger the megapixels, the better the qualit y of the pictures the camera muckle produce. This goes the same for the videos made through the digital camera. The images or videos are then recorded in the storage medium. This whitethorn be built-in memory chip of the camera or in an external device such as an SD card or an MMC. If the photographer wants to download the pictures to the computer or to have these printed, he may have to use a cable, which usually comes along with the camera when purchased. However, the modish digital camera models already have Bluetooth capabilities. With Bluetooth, the downloading and printing can be done even without the use of cables as long as the printer or the computer is also Bluetooth-enabled. The reason why many photographers find the digital camera a great choice for a gadget is that everything is automatic. A photographer can take more pictures in less time with a digital camera because he does not have to wait for one or a couple of seconds for any film to be ready. Aside from this, the latest models of this device actually have features that would make the photographer take better angles. In fact, these would also immediately adjust the distance without any prompting through its automated zooming system. Another important characteristic is that the digital images can be downloaded to a computer and can be subjected to editing with the use of the photo-editing software such as Photoshop and Corel. As a video recorder, a digital camera is definitely lighter and handier. However, it may have some limitations in taking videos when compared to the digital video

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