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San Francisco estuary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

San Francisco estuary - Essay ExampleTherefore, the bay is very important to the mickle since it as well contains marshes and mudflats that act as a source of food to angle in the area(Edmund,2012). Therefore, this makes fishing a tell economic activity in the area. The estuary has been found to support over a hundred species of fish that inhabit both the salty and fresh water. Apart from fish, the estuary alike supports wildlife such as birds. Therefore, the estuary so contributes significantly to sympathetic welfare around the area. However, with time different human activities have posed a key threat to the bay. This is due to the negative effects that industrial, agricultural and mining activities have on the organisms that have inhabit the estuary. In addition, both birds and fish have been forced to migrate due to destruction of 80% of its marshes. Therefore, so different ways of restoring the estuary need to be developed (Edmund,2012). The state of growth rate of Sa n Francisco was reported to be very high after the population number clocked 825, 900 people in 2012 census. The number of children born all(prenominal) year keeps on change magnitude and yet, the corresponding death rate remains very low. Therefore, with this high population growth, the number of persons demanding food also keeps on increasing each year. ... Destruction of the wetlands affects the overall balance of the ecosystem since it affects the botany and fauna in the estuary. Different food chains also become broken since degradation of the wetlands also forces some birds and mammals to migrate the area (San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, 2001). Dredging is also an issue that has been raised by the increasing population (Cohen & Laws, 2012). Dredging leads to increased dumping of the dredged sediments thus, causes pollution of the estuary. Increased industrial activity also causes increased train of pollutants from the industrial wastes. Pollution has been found to be a ke y problem to the estuary since the year 1879. For instance, mining activities lease a large number of pollutants such as mercury to the estuary. Urban runoff is also a key source of pollution to the estuary. This is because it carries with it chemicals and metals washed from the streets. On the other hand, petroleum products also enter the estuary with spillage from motor vehicle engines and other accidental spills such as from boats and ships. Pesticides utilize in agriculturemay also be washed to the water thus contributing to the pollution (Cohen & Laws, 2012). On the other hand, some of the pesticides used to control weeds in the water may also pollute the estuary despite being helpful. Therefore, it is indeed essential that the authorities focus on controlling pollution since it has many detrimental effects on the bay. Human behavior indeed increases the habitat fracture because most of the reasons leading to the fracture arise from human activities (Edmund,2012). For instan ce, mining, agriculture, construction and industrial activities are all activities that are caused by humans. Therefore,

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