Saturday, July 27, 2019

Shock Advertising and High Fashion Brands Essay

Shock Advertising and High Fashion Brands - Essay Example The paper "Shock Advertising and High Fashion Brands" talks about High Fashion Brands and Shock Advertising. Shock advertising, sex and high fashion brands make an irresistible mix. Over half a century of research has proven to be in favor of sex in advertising as Wikipedia (2005) suggested: â€Å"Further evidence comes from Gallup & Robinson, an advertising and marketing research firm which reports that in more than 50 years of testing advertising effectiveness, it has found the use of the erotic to be a significantly above-average technique in communicating with the marketplace, "although one of the more dangerous for the advertiser. Weighted down with taboos and volatile attitudes, sex is a Code Red advertising technique . . . handle with care . . . seller beware; all of which makes it even more intriguing."† Lately the trend has continued with a lot of strength: â€Å"In recent years ads for jeans, perfumes, and many other products have featured provocative images that we re designed to elicit sexual responses from as large a cross section of the population as possible, to shock by their ambivalence, and often to appeal to repressed sexual desires, which are thought to carry a stronger emotional load†. So shock advertising with a sexual appeal in high fashion brands, mostly in magazines in the United Kingdom, is a hot topic that has been around since the development of Marketing. As Advertising is the communication medium of Marketing, it is not strange that this communicative tool. has been widely used to convey messages of a shocking sexual nature in the high fashion branding efforts of many marketers along the years. This field of study offers multiple, complex and controversial dimensions to be researched. 2.- Research Problem To what extent shock advertising has been applied to high fashion brands. 3.- Research Aim The value of shock advertising to high fashion brands and consumers. 4.- Research Objectives 1.- To study the impact of shock advertising in magazines with a sexual appeal in high fashion brands in the United Kingdom. 2.- To study the relevance of value marketing through the use of shock advertising to enhance the branding image. 5.- Research Area Marketing area: - Advertising - Marketing Research - Product and Brand Management - Consumer and Buyer Behavior 6.- Rationale of the research This study enables the audience to understand the role of shock advertising in the high fashion industry. Also, it allows the viewers to have a comprehensive knowledge with regard to the public attitude towards this advertising strategy. Moreover, this research project helps to find out how shock advertising could be adopted appropriately. (Separate out the usefulness to myself personally and practically, and also to the world in general) 7.- Usefulness of the research By getting into the secrets of value marketing via shock advertising using sexual appeal we can improve our brands in the marketing arena as knowledgeable marketers. It is not easy to decide when to choose shock advertising and to what extent. We have to take into account the context and the medium, among many factors. By studying this topic we can learn a lot about human nature and the consumer's tastes and preferences when it comes to high fashion products. This kind of research is

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