Friday, September 27, 2019

Chemical sensor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Chemical sensor - Essay Example Amperometric glucose sensors proves worthy in monitoring of diabetic patients’ blood glucose levels wherever they are. Such constant monitoring of blood glucose has spurred other affiliated health sector needs for improvement of the condition. It is apparent that effective treatment and management of diabetes conditions requires reliable data of glucose levels that does not fluctuate. In such needy cases, amperometric glucose sensors assist in monitoring of patients blood glucose. Monitoring of blood glucose levels presents a constant glycaemic regime that both the patient and health professional can rely on. Subsequently, health professionals can make imperative diagnosis and treatment of diabetic conditions. Research on management of diabetic conditions largely relies on proper data for the levels of blood glucose amongst diabetes patients during normal activities. In ensuring use of reliable and constant blood glucose levels, there is need to develop clinical devices that can monitor and provide day and night blood glucose levels. Such requirements indicate the need for amperometric glucose sensors to provide constant data of blood glucose levels. Therefore, the presence of amperometric glucose sensors within the health sector is authoritative in effective management, treatment, diagnosis, and research about diabetes. It is imperative to note that the introduction of amperometric glucose sensors have greatly enhanced research and management of type 1 diabetes within the health sector. Moreover, it has increased confidence of both patients and health professionals towards a possibility of overcoming the deleterious disease. Essentially, the ability of amperometric glucose sensors to determine accurately the level of concentration of blood glucose has caused a revolution in health care. Accurate determination of glucose levels within the blood has lead to improved health services within the community. The foremost

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