Saturday, September 7, 2019

How children with challenging behaviours can be included in the Literature review

How children with challenging behaviours can be included in the classroom - Literature review Example Though there is much disagreement on the exact definition, yet the intellectual community is aiming at identifying pragmatic solutions to the issue. For this reason, it is first crucial to understanding the reasons behind such behaviours which may range from general communication difficulties to other external factors, sometimes even socio-economic disadvantages or an underlying medical cause (Knowles & Landen 2012). Thus, once the underlying causes are identified, policy initiatives can be taken at the institute level which would then be needed to be incorporated into classroom to incorporate children with needs in the classroom. Establishing and Promoting positive behaviour towards children implicating challenging behaviour, on part of the teachers, is the most effective technique to resolve the issue early on. However, the main question arises in context to which techniques to apply and how, in order to ensure a secure and an encouraging environment for such children with needs. Moreover, the policies would only be effective if they contribute toward building a positive culture in the institute where an encouraging environment can be reaped to help the children with challenging behaviours. Analyzing literature is essential to understanding what has been done in the past to deal with the issue at hand, and more importantly the effectiveness of the techniques being applied in the past. More importantly, literature review will lead toward better understanding of the topic at hand which will further provide logical insights on the research question. Moreover, literature review will offer a holistic analysis of the children with challenging behaviours, which will help in generalizations adding further knowledge to the topic at hand. The topic is a policy concern for all institutions imparting education to children, since these institutes leave a serious impact on the students. Not

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