Monday, June 10, 2019

Corporate Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Corporate Finance - Essay ExampleThis will further estimate the market value of a helping for each of the capital structures using the no growth share valuation model being considered and to comment on findings to consider which capital structure is prefer under the approach and to contrast and explain the assumptions and theoretical approaches to capital structure taken earlier.1. (i) Explain the columns in the above tale given the scenario stated above. From the data, name the amount of debt, the number of shares, the amount of tax and the EPS for each gearing train show workingsThe first column on capital structure displays the assorted debt to equity ratios and each capital structure has a corresponding level of debt interest rate in the second column which increases as the debt structure becomes more than highly leveraged. That the direct relationship is obvious between the debt to equity ratio and the interest rate since higher debt would mean higher risk for the debtor as few creditors would be willing to lend at rate lower than contracted earlier by the debtor. This would also mean that higher level of debt in relation to capital would require the company to pay higher interest expenses to creditors in absolute amount and would also mean higher tax buckler for the borrower since interest expense is tax deductible for income tax purposes.The kindred direct relationship is also expected on EPS which increases directly as the debt to equity ratio is increased. Further the same inference could be made with the required return on shares. This means that the investors or stockholders would require higher return for higher level of risk because of increase in debt to equity ratio or higher financial leverage. This higher required return on investment would be the same as the cost of capital that would be used in evaluating the acceptability of projects. Those falling under the

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