Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Super bowl commercials in the United States Essay

Super bowl commercials in the United States - Essay ExampleThough in that respect ar mixed emotions as to what should and should not be aired, ultimately it is a decision of freedom of speech while also remaining ethical and without offending a segment of the population due to race, gender, religion, or personal ethics. When considering these factors most major companies, including CBS, stand firmly behind free speech and freedom of the press solely they are also relieved of the some of the pressure of censoring themselves with air time being so costly during specific times. Major companies want to shock, interest, and be creative but they also recognize the fine line between positive media influence and consumer gain and must consider the impact on their family financially should the commercial be viewed as offensive. There are several whose reputation and name brand have allowed them to carry off what a smaller and less known brand would not risk. Disagreeing with all censorshi p opens the door for those which are outright offensive to segments of the population such as in racial matters while building brand name strength in customer base. This serves some purpose but as a major company there is usually the continuing quest to build and increase ones customer base, rather than further divide it. Many submitted were never allowed to air, including ones from major name calling such as PETA and Bud Light. While my position supports free speech 100% there several companies have outright censored any cloth containing matter of a specific nature without discussion or review. While in the past artists have been asked to perform during the super bowl there has been an character of outright censorship of vocals which were censored specifically for the super bowl performance in 2006 by the Rolling Stones.

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