Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Use of Power and Political Acumen in the Organization Term Paper

Use of Power and Political Acumen in the Organization - Term idea ExampleA good example demonstrating how a politically astute strategy was used to parent a nurses military unit bath involved a nurse acting as a policy advocate in a bid to improve health care delivery in a health organization. According to Parker (2007), A nurse gains power through establishing positive, collegial, working relationships with physicians, other nurses, and all the members of the health care team. Productive relationships increase a nurses power to base care decisions on ethical principles. The nurse therefore advocating for the rights of the patients engaged effective skills particularly her convincing skills, negotiation skills, and decision making capabilities in pursuit the support of all individuals involved in health care delivery. In doing so, the nurse created a productive relationship with all stakeholders and hence expanding her power base (Paynton, 2008).There are numerous strategies th at can be used to enhance or leverage power and political acumen in the nursing profession. iodin of these strategies as elucidated by Pfeffer (2010) is being in charge of all resources within the organization that are of significance to other employees. Good examples of such resources include cash in hand and information. Political acumen and power in nursing denotes the ability of a nurse to garner the support of others. Assisting other nurses and physicians to access the resources they require to conduct their activities and obligations can work in favor of a nurse as it is easy to convince them to return the favor when their support is needed (Pfeffer, 2010).Another strategy to enhance or leverage power and political acumen includes the use of rewards and punishment (Pfeffer, 2010). Since time immemorial, individuals in positions of management have issued rewards for individuals who support them in their endeavors and subsequently lambaste those who work against them. Nursing leaders can therefore make it known that those who give

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