Thursday, March 14, 2019

C.S. Foresters Lieutenant Hornblower: Success And Failure :: Lieutenant Hornblower Essays

In the novel Lieutenant Hornblower in that location were a few scenes wereHornblower was a triumph and a few were he was a failure.In my opinion the first success of Hornblower was when he apply all thecannons on one side of the ship to free them from the muff holding the ship.Another success was when Hornblower suggested a land attack on Samana Bay.The commanding officer agreed with his suggestion, and they put together alanding party. Hornblower had the whole attack planed and the coordinatesmarked. His surprise attack on the Spanish at Samana proved to be a success.Once the fort was taken oer he was successful in firing ruby hot light beam at enemyships, even without ever using that technique before. and so when the negotiationwith the Spanish took place he had a brilliant mind to mount a nine pound cannonat the amphetamine end of the peninsula to prevent the Spanish from escaping. Thisenabled them to turn down the terms of the marriage proposal that the Spanish wanted a ndget what they wanted without giving anything to the Spanish. These achievementsmade by Hornblower is what later earned him the command of the Retribution,although his command of the Retribution did not vex until later when the warstarted again.Hornblower had similarly had a few failures that hindered his successes.Among these was when Hornblower was using the red hot shot to sink enemy ships.This was both a success and failure. It was a failure because after heating theshot for a comfortably long period of time the shot began to deform. Thisdeformity of the shot wouldnt forfeit it to fit into the cannon. Hornblowerrealized his mistake after one of the shots wouldnt fit into the cannon. Thisslowed their execution down but didnt cause a defeat to them. The situationwith Hornblower looseness is mostly in my opinion a success but it could also bea failure. The way I think it would be a failure is that he lost a lot of his

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