Friday, March 15, 2019

Transcendentalism :: essays research papers

Although the transcendentalism plyment was an extremely long time ago the ideas be up to now pertinent today. When Henry David Thoreau said, Let him step to the music which he hears, however mensural or far away. It is not important that he should mature as soon as an apple tree or an oak(247), that he would be telling people to be themselves many generations later.The transcendentalism movement took get off during the early 1800s whenAmerica was developing its own writing style. The authors of the time solely thought in the same wavelength. Some of them, such as Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson belonged to a transcendentalism club in which they shared their ideas. Thoreau had ideas that he firmly believed in and tried to act upon his ideas. He wanted to live in sex segregation and be one with nature, so he went to Walden Pond and was semi-secluded from society. Except for a couple of times when he went to the nearby town for things he postulate he was on his own. He did wel l with it, but wanted to move on with his feeling so he left Walden. After his experience, he decided to write about it in his book, Walden Pond. Thoreau tried to livehis life based on his ideas no matter how extreme they may stir been.These transcendentalists had many ideas that seemed to others to be extremely impractical. The authors thought that they could transform the world by dint of their ideas. One of their main ideas was that we are all true individuals and should not set to whatever the norm is. Thoreau tells us to live our own life, whether it be good or bad, it is ours. However mean your life is, meet it and live it do not abhor it or call it hard names(247). Also, we should do the morally right thing. We should do what our heart says is right and not always listen to our heads. They also wrote in an optimistic view and their writings were very inspiring.All of their ideas are germane(predicate) today on some level. People are reading Emerson and Thoreau as though they were on the current best sellers list. Not everybody reads the material because they are assigned it, but rather they are using it as a tool to find out how to live their lives. All of our lives we are told to be ourselves and not to go along with the crowd, and that is the same thing Thoreau said everywhere a century ago.

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